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Moving to Pacific Beach in 2022: How to Prepare

Pacific Beach, a neighborhood in San Diego, is one of California’s best places to live. One of the main reasons for such a claim is that it provides residents with a rare chill-urban-beach vibe. This neighborhood houses many bars, restaurants, shopping malls, coffee shops, and beautiful parks – which is why you need to know more about PB before you relocate.

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1994 Diamond St Unit 2, Pacific Beach Townhouse

We have a great new listing at 1994 Diamond St in Pacific Beach. What sets this unit apart from the rest is the spacious laundry room with built in storage, and the private side by side 2 car garage. Many homes at this price range have garages, but finding an attached side by side 2 car garage with a good amount of space can be rare.

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Robinson Ranch, Ramona

This article will serve as a story board for documenting the development of “Robinson Ranch”, a 1 acre lot of land in Ramona, San Diego County. Bought in January, 2020 by my brother-in-law, Doug Robinson with plans of accessing water, electricity, sewage and construction of a house and garage.

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Pacific Beach Real Estate Market Update – Coronavirus part 2

Nicole Friedman, a real estate news reporter from the Wall Street Journal recently asked me how the Pacific Beach real estate market is doing, amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

She read my initial prediction and was curious about how quarantine has affected the residential real estate market of Pacific Beach, a neighborhood with many short term vacation rentals.

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