Robinson Ranch, Ramona

This article will serve as a story board for documenting the development of “Robinson Ranch”, a 1 acre lot of land in Ramona, San Diego County. Bought in January, 2020 by my brother-in-law, Doug Robinson with plans of accessing water, electricity, sewage and construction of a house and garage.

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How to buy land in San Diego and build a home.

I recently had a client ask me to help them find out how they could get into the San Diego real estate market on a tight budget. The client has a lot of toys and two dogs, so he wanted some land. He loves to surf and enjoys the beach, but coastal zip codes were too expensive for the amount of space he wanted. The options within his price range were to buy land inland or a condo closer to the water. He decided to buy an undeveloped piece of land in Ramona, which is in East San Diego County.

In this post we will go over the process to buy land in San Diego, and how to eventually get a home on it.

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