How to Know You Have Hired the Right Real Estate Agent

Have you decided to sell your home? Or, have you decided to buy a new home? Either way, you must be looking for a real estate agent. Your agent is the only one who can help you sell your home fast and for the best price possible and the only one who can help you find your dream home.

Your real estate agent must be professional, skilled, experienced, local, and reliable. But how do you know that you have hired the right real estate agent? Well, that is why we are here. There are sure signs that show whether a real estate agent is the right one or not, and today, we will share those signs with you. So, if you plan on buying or selling a home anytime soon, keep reading.

A real estate agent showing a home to a big family.

They Make You Feel Comfortable

There is nothing worse than working with a person that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you don’t look forward to meeting your realtor and talking about selling your current home in Pacific beach, that is a red flag. That means that you don’t really like and trust your realtor. That is okay. We are all allowed to have opinions about people around us. So, if you don’t like how you feel around your real estate agent, know that you have hired the wrong one.

On the other hand, if you can’t wait to meet your real estate agent, if they make you feel good after every open house, and if you two really understand each other, that is how you know you hired the right real estate agent. At the end of the day, just trust your gut and don’t be afraid to change your mind if something is not working for you.

A real estate agent holding a 'for sale' sign.

They Have Connections

The right real estate agent is always well-connected. These connections are necessary not only for buying and selling homes but also for everything that comes after that. For instance, a realtor is somebody who can recommend trusted home inspectors, contractors, interior designers, etc. Moreover, a realtor is also somebody who can help you engage reliable professionals and thus, move out of your current home or move into your new home easily and quickly.

Of course, you will also know that you hired the right real estate agent if they show you homes that are not listed or if he brings potential buyers to your home out of nowhere. These are all signs that you are working with a well-connected realtor, so if you notice them, you have a huge advantage when buying or selling your home.

They Ask Just the Right Questions

If the real estate agent you hired doesn’t ask you anything home-related, run. Trust us; you will be better off without them. Real estate agents must ask you a ton of questions in order to find out what kind of home you want to buy or sell. Only then will they be able to act quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, the right real estate agent, besides asking the right questions, must also provide you with the right answers (if you don’t have them). After all, that is their service – to help and advise you. For instance, if you sell your home in Pacific Beach, the right agent will ask you a ton of questions regarding that home and use that information to not only lure potential buyers, but to strategically disclose important information.

A couple talking to a real estate agent.

They are Local

Where your agent is from can play a vital role when buying and selling your home. Just think about it – how will a realtor from another city or another state help you buy or sell a home? They don’t know the market; they don’t have connections with local buyers and sellers, they may not be able to recommend people you need to move in or out, etc. . .

Of course, this is not a trait that makes or breaks a real estate agent. But, it is definitely a trait that will help get the job done faster, easier, and in a more efficient way. Local real estate agents will show you homes as soon as you’re pre-qualified and have provided them your “must-have list” when buying, and they will advise what home improvements are worth it when selling.

A real estate agent holding the gate for a couple.

They Have Good Negotiation Skills

One of the last but certainly not least signs that prove you have hired the right real estate agent is the agent’s negotiation skills. Again, a real estate agent represents you whether you want to buy or sell a home. The agent is the brain, eyes, ears and mouth of your side of the transaction.

Moreover, negotiation is crucial when making an offer on a home. And also when making a counter offer, during home inspections, negotiating repairs and closing. The right real estate agent must negotiate all of the above for you to sell your home for the best possible value or for you to buy a home for the best possible deal. Thus, always pay attention to the realtor’s negotiation skills. If they are reasonable while being able to persuade you in certain a direction, that is a good sign.

As you have seen, there are many ways to know you have hired the right real estate agent. If some of the things mentioned above are lacking in your current realtor, that may be a sign to look for a new one. Take the red flags seriously! Having the right home buying and selling process will depend on whether or not you found the right real estate agent.

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