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What neighborhood in Pacific Beach is best for you?

This question will go in tandem some other questions, like your budget and how big of a space you need. If you’ve decided you want to live in Pacific Beach and want to know what neighborhood to choose you will need to do some research or have a real estate agent that knows the area.

Budget will affect which neighborhood is best for you

Finding a detached house for under $1,000,000 in Pacific Beach is tough, unless you are OK with either a small piece of land, a house that needs work, living a bit further away from the water, or on a busy street.

Most expensive neighborhood in Pacific Beach

Map of North Pacific Beach neighborhood
North Pacific Beach

The highest priced homes in Pacific Beach are oceanfront or bayfront, ranging well over $1,000,000. Assuming we are not talking about waterfront property, North Pacific Beach is considered to be the luxury neighborhood of Pacific Beach. Many of these homes sit on the foot of Mt Soledad which gives them views of the ocean and bay. Northern Pacific Beach borders La Jolla which gives part of North PB access to La Jolla schools. Along with the views and upscale neighbor, the majority of Northern Pacific Beach consists of single family houses. The high house to condo ratio gives the area a more spacious feel compared to other neighborhoods of PB.

Cheapest neighborhood in Pacific Beach

Eastern Pacific Beach is the most affordable neighborhood of Pacific Beach. While the homes lose proximity to the water, they do gain privacy and sometimes views. There are very few condos available in eastern Pacific Beach and much of the area is located on Mount Soledad. The walkability and bike-ability are greatly affected by this, but the area is close to the freeway.

Best neighborhoods for space in Pacific Beach

If you’re interested in space or privacy, then you will want to consider North Pacific Beach and East Pacific Beach. These neighborhoods are settled amongst the foot of Mount Soledad, so some parts will not have the walkability, or even bike-ability of the other areas of Pacific Beach. If you want to easily walk or bike to the water, you will want to compare that desire to your desire for privacy.

Best beach neighborhood in Pacific Beach

Map of Mission Beach highlighted within Pacific Beach
Mission Beach

Mission Beach has amazing proximity to the water but is extremely dense with a large amount (somewhere around 50%) of vacation rentals. This means there are a lot of people living near you who may not have a 9-5 job, or really any normal adult priorities. However if you like to surf, play volleyball, or just like the dense style of living, Mission Beach could be perfect for you.

Mission Beach also has access to the longest boardwalk in San Diego and an amazing man-made strip of beach. The homes are tightly packed together with mixed zoning including some commercial spaces for stores and restaurants on Mission Blvd. Central Mission Beach includes Belmont park which is a popular adult and child playground located right on the beach. If you like the water and want to be outside in the sun, Mission Beach could be the right neighborhood for you.

Other neighborhoods in Pacific Beach

Crown Point has a shift in layout, with street blocks that run North to

Map of Crown Point neighborhood within Pacific Beach
Crown Point, Pacific Beach

South instead of the traditional West to East. This layout gives the homes in this area better access to the bay that surrounds the peninsula of Crown Point. Crown Point has a mixture of houses that have a very cute “small town” feel, and large condo complexes that creates issues for street parking on some streets.

Central Pacific Beach has Grand Avenue and Garnet as the main thoroughfares and if you live within a block of each, you will have amazing walkability with a good amount of pedestrian, bicycle and scooter activity. If you go a few more blocks south of Grand, or north of Garnet you start to get more space and privacy.

It’s best to check out the areas yourself or speak with a knowledgable real estate agent. Contact us for a free consultation.